Friday, October 12, 2007

Don't run, Al!

I'm probably the lone naysayer in my crowd, but I just don't see Al Gore as a viable candidate. Here's what I wrote to Thom Hartmann about it:

Am I the only progressive in America who thinks an Al Gore nomination would be a disaster?

Gore is doing so much good as a spokesperson on global warming. Why should he shift to a role he neither wants nor is good at? Gore is a terrible public speaker and even worse politician. He comes across as a know-it-all. The press hates him. He loses his bearings in an atmosphere that requires compromise and accommodation--remember the clothing makeovers and all the other attempts to fit the mold?

Many middle of the road voters still see him as a figure of ridicule, the guy who invented the Internet and rolls his eyes in debates.

Yes, "An Inconvenient Truth" is brilliant, but we haven't seen the out-takes. There are no out-takes and no script in a presidential contest.

The fact that no one mentions this makes me wonder if we progressives are the ones living in a bubble. To run Al Gore for president would be to squander a priceless resource. (How ironic.)

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At 10/13/07, 9:22 AM, Blogger the era said...

Thanks for the welcome back. It meant a lot. I don't think Al is gonna run. Personally, I'd like to see Barack in the house. Anyway, I don't mean to promote my blog but my brothers and I made a film about two years ago in Tennessee. We are now debuting it on Google video for 10 weeks. Check it out. I did the soundtrack. You can see the trailer on my site and the 1st episode. If you'd like to view the 2nd episode I'm sure you'll find it in the garden somewhere....

At 10/14/07, 2:02 PM, Blogger steve said...

of course, I agree completely.


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