Friday, September 21, 2007

I tried to post this comment on the Washington Post's story on the Senate resolution against MoveOn, but was denied, so here it is:
Did anyone read the actual ad? Every point in the ad is accurate. This was not a vicious attack on Petraeus; it was a statement of facts, every one backed up by sources at

The Bush administration called it an attack on the military. Fine words from a man who stood by silently while the so-called Swift Boat veterans savaged the reputation of a real war hero. An administration that vetoes bills allowing our soldiers a reasonable amount of time off between deployments in what even the soldiers now recognize as a fiasco.

And fine work by a Senate that chose to take no action at all after the shameful Swift Boat affair that was repudiated by those who actually served with Kerry.

Instead of calling MoveOn members names, why not take on the actual issues?

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