Thursday, September 27, 2007

My sentiments exactly

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 09/19/2007 | Commentary: Bush fulfills H.L. Mencken's prophecy:

"In one stroke of George W. Bush's pen America went from being a nation that distrusted foreign entanglements and fought wars only when grossly provoked to a nation that attacked first and without credible reason.

That same stroke — and the ensuing five years of war in Iraq — wiped out whatever remained of our reservoir of good will with the rest of the world. The shining city on the hill donned camouflage paint and went to war in the wrong place at the wrong time against the wrong people.

Now George Bush could posture and strut as a wartime president; could style himself The Decider, and could decide which parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights bought so dearly by generations of Americans he would give or take away.

The mills of the military-industrial complex went into high gear, as the defense contractors jostled for their places at a trough filled each year with half a trillion dollars of taxpayer money. The Republican political operatives milked them all like so many Holstein cows and the Republican lobbyists romped over to Capitol Hill buying congressmen by the baker's dozen to keep the pumps primed."

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At 9/28/07, 5:52 PM, Blogger Gail Jonas said...

I also saw the H.L. Mencken kind of falls on us, doesn't it? I.e., we get the president we deserve.


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