Friday, August 10, 2007

Despite those glowing reports by NY Times media flacks....

NGOs Report Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq -

The Associated Press
Monday, July 30, 2007; 6:27 AM

LONDON -- About 8 million Iraqis--nearly a third of the population--need immediate emergency aid because of the humanitarian crisis caused by the war, relief agencies said Monday.

Those Iraqis are in urgent need of water, sanitation, food and shelter, said the report by Oxfam and the NGO Coordination Committee network in Iraq.

"Basic services, ruined by years of war and sanctions, cannot meet the needs of the Iraqi people," said Jeremy Hobbs, the director of Oxfam International. "Millions of Iraqis have been forced to flee the violence, either to another part of Iraq or abroad. Many of those are living in dire poverty."

The report said more than 2 million people--mostly women and children--have been displaced within Iraq, and 2 million Iraqis have fled the country as refugees, mostly to neighboring Syria and Jordan.


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