Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Urban Homesteading

Wonderful new movement! I guess I've been unconsciously involved in urban homesteading ever since I turned my driveway into raised-bed gardens. The photo on the left is from Reality Sandwich. Click on it to visit them.

Reality Sandwich | Become an Urban Homesteader: "What is an Urban Homesteader?

An urban homesteader is someone who enjoys living in the city, but doesn't see why that should stop her from engaging directly with nature, growing her own food, and striving for self-sufficiency.

We don’t wish to retreat to the countryside and live like the Unabomber in a plywood shack. We believe that people are best off living in cities and cooperating with other like-minded folks. Instead of hoarding ammo and MREs, we're building the skills and forming the conditions and networks that sustain us, our friends and our neighbors, now and into the future.

Urban homesteading is about preparedness, but we don't like that term very much. It connotes stockpiling things that you hope will keep your ass alive. Survivalism in general is about the fear of death. Urban homesteading is about life – it is a way of life founded on pleasure, not fear. Our preparedness comes not so much through what we have, but what we know. We are recollecting the almost-lost knowledge of our great-grandparents, those most essential of human skill sets: how to tend to plants, how to tend to animals, and how to tend ourselves."

The point is, you don't have to be an agricultural genius or spend hours and hours and lots of money to grow food on your urban property.

For a how-to blog, visit Homegrown Revolution.

I just spent an hour perusing the links from this site. Thanks to Ellen Bicheler for bringing it to our attention.

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