Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wake up, Americans

The current administration's definition of "executive privilege" is also the definition of dictatorship. It says that the president can do anything he wants and be protected from congressional oversight by claiming executive privilege.

2 Bush Aides Face Contempt Citations - New York Times:

"Brian A. Benczkowski, principal deputy assistant attorney general, cited the department's ''long-standing'' position, ''articulated during administrations of both parties, that the criminal contempt of Congress statute does not apply to the president or presidential subordinates who assert executive privilege.''"

How do you feel about Hillary Clinton having this kind of power?

(Although by the current definition, it might not be an issue, since Bush could simply cancel the next election and assert executive privilege for his reasons. I can just imagine Congress's reaction as they worry about whether protesting the cancellation will alienate voters.)


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