Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bad Friday?

Do the Russians know something that our press has ignored? According to the Russian weekly magazine Argoumenty nedeli, Russian military experts believe that the U.S. will attack Iran on April 6, Good Friday, in an operation that will last 12 hours.

I'm sorry the link to the Russian News and Information Agency is in French. I haven't located an English version (why is that?). But the gist of it is that the attack will come in the form of bombers and cruise missiles from the island of Diego Garcia. The article speculates that Good Friday might have been chosen because it is a religious holiday in Iran and because the press is less likely to be engaged on Good Friday.

The article describes the likely targets in Iran and notes that the U.S. will be able to postpone establishing missile defense in Europe and that oil companies will benefit from runaway oil prices following the invasion.

You can copy and paste the text into Babelfish and read a rough-and-ready translation.

UPDATE: http://fr.rian.ru/world/20070321/62387717.html

Here's an English version.

For more, search on "Operation Bite."

Somebody please tell me this story is a hoax or something!

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At 3/28/07, 3:12 PM, Blogger Gail Jonas said...

I have the same feeling I had as I spent hours in 2002-2003 reading news articles and reports from Middlen Eastern experts, watching Senate hearings on C-Span, etc., on the run-up to the attacks on Iraq.

I kept telling myself that it couldn't possibly happen, but the evidence of an impending war ON Iraq (not "with" but "on") was too compelling to ignore.

It feels the same way now with Iran as the target.

It appears that we are getting more accurate reports about the likelihood of our attacking Iran from the media in other countries than from our own.


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