Friday, May 19, 2006

Politicking in Sacramento

Yesterday a whole bunch of Clean Money supporters from all over California went to Sacramento to witness the vote on AB 583, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, in the Senate Elections Committee. The meeting started 45 minutes late, and the first thing that Committee Chair Debra Bowen said when the meeting opened was that there would not be a vote that day on our bill.

What followed included a sit-in of about 30 of us in Senate President Pro Tempore Don Perata's office, followed by a sit-in in Majority Leader Gloria Romero's considerably less spacious one, in which we actually hummed "We Shall Overcome," while the staff attempted to ignore us.

Here's the Daily Kos link to the full story about our visit to Sacramento, posted by one of my fellow citizen-lobbyists.

No pictures yet, but here are pictures from the April hearing in which Senators Romero and Murray announced they wouldn't support Clean Money.


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