Thursday, April 13, 2006

What's that bright yellow thing in the sky?

This morning the rain stopped. The clouds cleared away and the spring sunshine brought the temperature to a smiley-faced 72 degrees. Off came the wool pullover, the down vest, the turtleneck shirt, the thick socks. Like a moth emerged from its woolly cocoon, I sit waiting for my wings to dry, in short sleeves and bare feet, the kiss of the sun on my white, white arms.

You have to understand that 35 of the last 42 days have been rainy, making it the rainiest March in Northern California history. There were four days in March without rain, and this is the first sunny day in April. A total of 13.29 inches has fallen in Santa Rosa since March 1, while Seattle has enjoyed 19 rain-free days and a mere 2.79 inches in the same time period. Seattle! And we've even had to suffer through advice from the rainy city: "Don't let the rain stop you!" "Go to a museum!" "There's nothing you can do about it. Get out and live life!" etc.

Anyway, today I put some of my seed starts in larger pots, since it's going to be a while before they can go out in the garden to face a ravenous army of slugs. Meanwhile I'll start more peppers and heirloom tomatoes and hope to get them in the ground before July.

Oh, the forecast? Rain tomorrow. And Saturday. And Sunday.


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