Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday night news

All the news they didn't want you to notice....

Such as Privileged Conversations Said Not Excluded From Spying

On the same subject, what part of "illegal wiretapping" doesn't our Congress understand? I reiterate: would you want, say, President Hillary Clinton, to have this power?

Yes, there still is a possibility that a Democrat could be elected president someday, in spite of the inroads of Diebold (we'll "deliver the state [Ohio] to Bush") and other non-verifiable systems into our precious electoral process.

Wait, there's more! This just in:
In Bills' Small Print, Critics See a Threat to Immigration

We'll solve the immigration problem by forcing all cases to go to one court that has no experience in immigration law, thus clogging up the process for years. Doesn't matter whether you're an illegal wetback sponging off the American system by doing stoop labor in vegetable fields for less than minimum wage, or a refugee from a government that practices torture and murder. You'll have to wait for justice either way.


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