Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News of the bizarre

You can't make this stuff up.
Terrorists hijacking school buses?


At 2/23/06, 12:42 AM, Blogger steve said...

let's see if we can anticipate this line of reasoning...

1) you think your house is safe? But while you're sitting, snuggly in safety, your garden hose is probably lying in plain sight, just waiting for terrorists to pack it full of high explosives and wrap it in nuclear waste-coated duct tape.

2) ok, so now you've hidden your garden hose and taped your mailbox shut (what a great place for a bomb!) -- but did you think to check the interior of the earth? You've probably not ever checked more than a few inches deep in the ground -- there's literally no way of being sure there isn't a time-release vat of Arab bubonic plague just sitting there, waiting for death to seep out of it.

3) Ok, just on the off chance that you've now gone out and removed all the dirt from your property and replaced it with Good American Dirt, consider all the air that is waiting upwind from you, just waiting for the wind to shift just right, enabling huge boxcars of deadly spores to possibly be released and wafted right into your window!

4) Ok, now you've sealed up your house and imported good bottled USA air, enough to last until the end of the War on Terror. But you've forgotten all about the deadly wiring sealed into your houses walls, wires which can either a) be used to monitor all your verbal and electronic communications, b) overheated with a surge of current from terrorists who might take over the local power station in order to burn down your house, or c) modulated with low frequency radio waves in such a way as to allow terrorists to flood your house with resonant microwaves to either cause mental instability, horrible pain, or simple incineration.

And those are just off the top of my head. I'm sure with a little thought we can think of many, many possible terrorists targets in our daily lives.


At 2/23/06, 6:37 AM, Blogger the era said...

It's amzing how this is straight outta Orwell!

I have one more Steve: You realize that it's not the outside terrorists that have you targeted, it's your KIDS! The Kids think their Daddy is a terrorist! They turn you in for thought crimes and you disappear. The children are overjoyed!


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