Wednesday, February 01, 2006

From those notorious radicals, the American Chemical Society

"Crop yields on farms in developing countries that used sustainable agriculture rose nearly 80 percent in four years, according to a study scheduled for publication in the Feb. 15 issue of the American Chemical Society journal Environmental Science &Technology. "

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The sticking point on sustainability reform as that "American businesses will suffer." Thus we can't be part of the kyoto protocol, for instance, and we can't stiffen fuel economy requirements for American vehicles. We can't insist on renewable energy or pollution controls on factories.

All these changes have to do with sustainability--of our agriculture and environmont. It turns out that every step we take toward sustainability not only generates jobs, but decreases costs of operation and thus increases profits.

Plants that don't pollute don't have to pay to clean up the pollution. Sustainable farms require less water and fewer pesticides, even as they generate higher yields. Astonishingly, it pays to do the right thing, as even our Governator in California recognizes:

"The good news is that experience shows that reducing carbon emissions is profitable for companies doing business in California. Hundreds of companies have reduced energy consumption, saving money in the process."

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When will the president and Congress realize that sustainability is a win-win situation?


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