Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Think electronic voting just has a few bugs to work out?

This could be the most underdiscussed issue of the century, the one that will be remembered when we ask, who put the nail in the coffin of American democracy?
Electronic voting has suffered from continuing and epidemic failures across the country in the primary elections so far in 2006. And the private companies receiving billions of federal dollars from the Help America Vote Act as local governments “upgrade” their election systems have time and again proven their inability to properly service election officials and fulfill contractual obligations.

Even this early in the election season, machines from all of the companies have proven to be disastrous for the few states that have already had primaries or have them scheduled just around the bend. More...
In Germany, so I've heard, they use paper ballots and hand-count each and every one of them--and it takes a mere three hours.


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