Saturday, October 18, 2008

Granddaughter of the year

An old friend once remarked that when you kiss a baby, your lips buzz. That is, in fact, true.

I never envisioned my curmudgeon of a son kissing a baby. I am so impressed with Ben and Christine. They have the good fortune to both be available to Claire during her first three months, and they share all the care right down the middle. Christine gets up for the before-midnight feeding shifts, and Ben gets up for the early morning ones. This is possible because Christine pumps her milk. Ah, the blessings of technology.

The cooking and cleaning are also a mutual effort.

I have talked to other men who have been able to participate in their children's infancy, and they consider themselves to be among the truly blessed.

My mother and I had a lovely and relaxed four days with Ben, Christine and Claire--my first grandchild and my mother's first great grandchild. May you all be so lucky.

Here's Claire with her great grandmother, my mother:

Okay, only family will be interested in this; here are a few more pictures of Claire, the wonder baby.

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