Saturday, February 02, 2008


I started this blog as a continuation of my personal journal, but thanks to the magic of BlogThis and other devices to connect one's blog to the rest of the Internet, it has become mostly a compendium of the news I find newsworthy. The personal observations have gotten rarer and rarer.

Tonight I'm sitting here at the table with Steve, who is playing his new guitar. The sweet notes fall like honey on my ears. I'm sipping a local brew--Eye of the Hawk--waiting for the rice to cook and trying to keep the cat, who has just come in from the rain, out of my lap. Unlike most cats, she is indifferent to water, but very much in need of warm, soft laps, regardless of whether she is wet or dry.
She sits on a cushion between me and Steve and complains as only a cat can do. Steve stops to pet her and speak to her in high-pitched tones. "Oh, Cleo! Oh, the kitty!" Then he resumes playing those lovely liquid guitar notes.

Sitting across from Steve, with Cleo in between, I pull out my cell phone and capture him playing and Cleo sitting and email them to my computer.

And here they are, moments later, on my blog. What a new world we live in.


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