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Blog: Inside Iraq

A recent post from the fascinating blog, Inside Iraq:

January 29, 2008

method of corruption

Corruption is the disease that corrodes Iraq's body from the inside. I can say that corruption one of the passages to terrorism it is the mold of terrorism. Any terrorist can join to any ministry if he has amount of money and that what made the ministries moan of corruption aches.

Many parties finance their militias by stealing Iraq's fortunes every where in Iraq. If we want to weaken the terrorism we should destroy its mold the corruption. May be you will say that I'm exaggerate of that, but if you live in Iraq you will see this fact.

Ten days ago we knew from newspapers that the integrity commission uncovered the deal of buying cars for the cabinet that amounted millions of Dollars. After week they deposed the head of the commission and declare to Iraqis that the deposition has no relation with the cars deal (I'm trying believe them). MOI decided to prevent Iraqis from traveling without its knowledge to open a new gate for corruption by bribe the employees there (the citizens will be obliged to pay money in order to hurry their travel).

The evidence burned to hide the corruption proofs like what happened in the …….. ministry before three years and like what happened yesterday when the corrupted burned the building of Central Bank with the office of inspector general (according to one MP's statement).

The corruption series has start but has no end in Iraq.

Yesterday my brother was telling me about a girl live in our neighborhood cash 800$ to employ the jobless people. This girl has very good relations with important officials in the government especially in MOD and MOI. They use this girl as a connected ring to gain bribe.

My brother told me that he doesn't want to study any more "am I study to give money to bad women to get a job?"


"Inside Iraq" is a blog updated by Iraqi journalists working for McClatchy Newspapers. They are based in Baghdad and outlying provinces. These are firsthand accounts of their experiences. Their complete names are withheld for security purposes.


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