Friday, January 12, 2007

Our Friends in the Middle East

Detained Iranians Had Iraq Approval - New York Times

The Kurds are our friends--but wait, they are friends with Iran, who is not our friend.

Al-Maliki is our friend--but wait, he is also friends with Al-Sadr, who is not our friend.

The insurgents are Sunnis, and therefore not our friends--but wait, they want to destroy Al-Sadr, who is, as mentioned above, not our friend, even though he wants to destroy the Sunnis, many of whom are not our friends.

Saudi Arabia is our friend--but wait, they are also friends with the Sunnis, many of whom, as mentioned above, are not our friends.

Oh, and Turkey is our friend--but wait, they are not friends with our friends the Kurds.


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