Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hey, what's wrong with getting rid of habeas corpus?

It's an outdated idea. The Magna Carta is so 13th century.

Besides, don't the terrorists hate us for our freedoms? Now they won't hate us so much. Hey, we could completely eliminate the terrorist threat. Let's start with that pesky Bill of Rights. And why bother with voting? Nobody believes it has any effect anyway, now that big-money controls political campaigns and Republicans control the voting process.

But maybe the terrorists haven't noticed these abridgements of our freedom. Everybody, spread the word! Tell your neighbors how our freedoms are being taken away. Be sure to talk to the Palestinian grocer down the street, so he can pass the information on to his terrorist friends.

Eventually, terrorists will be sending money to the United States, to help us spread the lack of freedom to other countries. Think of the boost to our economy!


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