Monday, September 11, 2006

A Wedding: Ben and Christine

Today I'm putting all bad news on hold. My son got married on Friday!

In this time of chaos and fear, there is reason to rejoice: two lovely people have found their way to each other's hearts, and the world is a better place.

I spent the weekend surrounded by a suddenly doubled extended family of new daughters, sisters, parents, uncles, cousins and dear family friends. Ben has survived my decidedly uninformed parenting efforts to become a role model for many. (His new father-in-law related how he met Ben when Ben was 17 and was so impressed that he told his daughters that if they had one-tenth of Ben's drive they would go far. Not the best recommendation for endearment, but Ben and his future sister-in-law later became friends and roommates in college, and through her he met Christine--he actually asked her permission to date Christine.)

And Christine is one of a kind; it's hard to imagine that he found someone so right for him.

Am I proud!


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