Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Balancing the budget? Easy

1. Stop all wars. Declare victory and come home. It worked in Vietnam. Yes, Vietnam fell to the Communists, but so what? The world didn't come to an end. Yes, Iraq and Afghanistan might fall to the terrorists, but so what? People are only terrorists when they've got nothing to lose. Once in power, they don't want to risk being obliterated. And with no outside threat, they will in time grow more moderate. Besides, if we stop meddling in the Middle East, terrorists will go back to blowing up each other instead of trying to blow us up.

2. Let the tax cuts expire. It's as simple as that. Before the tax cuts, we had a thriving economy. After the tax cuts, we had a decade of the slowest growth in 30 years. Past history shows that the higher the taxes on the rich, the more likely they are to Let them expire. Then introduce a bill to give a new tax break to the under-$250,000 income group if you want.

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At 8/8/11, 8:02 PM, Blogger Cucipata said...

Too much common sense. You would never make it in politics.... :)

At 8/10/11, 1:41 PM, Blogger david7134 said...

I am sorry, I was looking for another site and happened on yours. I agree with the war concept to an extent, we will not win as we don't have the country behind the effort. Too many don't understand what the war is about.

As to taxes, I agree. Currently 51% of the US do not pay any tax. We should most definitely get them back in the tax roles and compel them to give their fair share. As to taxing the rich, that sounds great. It worked real well in the 30's. We taxed the hell out of them (rates at 90%) and we were able to keep the depression going for 20 years (Europe and the rest of the world were out in 3 to 4). But that is the nature of a democracy, right. You take a group of nasty business men or professionals who work 24/7 and run risk with their money and make them pay a considerable amount more than everyone else so we can dream up more rules and regulation to control their lives and spend the extra tax revenue on. If we run out of tax money, we can continue to borrow from China and spend more money. After all, Obamacare will cost about one trillion a year when it comes to maturity. Also, lets increase the taxes on the evil corporations. They already pay about 30%, unless they are Obama's buds and get breaks (GE). With the rest of the world having lower rate the bad old corporations will surely move elsewhere and we won't have them doing bad things here.

Yes, sounds great, lets do it.

At 11/22/11, 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree to some extent. See also this contribution regarding the reform of the US tax system

At 2/4/12, 9:58 AM, Blogger Fowl Ideas said...

Without terrorists lurking behind every bush, shrub, and tree, how will we keep the American public distracted, fearful, and dependent?

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